5 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Consider Dating a Plus Size Woman

dating a fat girl

The society we live in doesn’t look at fat people in a good light. As difficult as it may be for us to admit it, the truth is that fat shaming exists in every part of the world. This is often what makes obese people sink into depression or have a very low esteem.

Most men prefer slimmer women to chubby or obese women. The reason for this is linked to how chubby or plus size women are depicted on social media and television program.

Despite all the misconception and negativity associated with obesity, there are some compelling reasons why you should consider dating a chubby girl. Of course, you may dread being seen with a plus size woman because you are shy or you don’t want your friends to make fun of you. Instead of succumbing to their tease and rants, stand your ground, man up and date the women you love, irrespective of her size and shape.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some 5 reasons why you should consider dating a plus size woman.

Incredible sex

Having sex with a chubby woman is incredible because they are super soft and fleshy. Unlike slimmer ladies, their well hardly goes dry and when they are aroused they become even more wet and juicy. Also, they are open-minded and willing to try out new things.

Beautiful personality

Truth be told, most pretty women have awful personality. Some are crazy, proud, and think too much of themselves. Chubby women, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. Since they don’t think the world of themselves, they won’t expect you to be super nice to them at all times. Plus size ladies usually have a bubbly and fun personality and very easy to deal and hang out with.

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Willingness to try new things

Large curvy women are usually open to leave their comfort zone and try new things. So, if you are into weird or exotic delicacies, your chubby girlfriend will be willing to try them without complaining or making a scene. The truth is that chubby ladies are adventurous and enjoy eating.

She won’t be picked up by other men

When you are dating a slim woman, you are likely going to have to fend off other guys from hitting on her. On the other hand, if you are dating a chubby chick, you won’t have to worry about this. Since most guys prefer slimmer women with model bodies, the chance of anyone making a move on your chubby girlfriend will be very slim.

Fun to talk to

One key thing that makes fat girls interesting to date is that they are super easy to talk to. Since they aren’t obsessed about their looks, they give more attention to developing their personality and brains. They can discuss extensively on various topics and may even thrill you with their wealth of knowledge. You will never get bored when talking to a fat lady. And most importantly, they aren’t shy about expressing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. This is ultimately going to make your conversation with them unpredictable and exciting.

They aren’t afraid of the outdoors

Since skinny girls are always worried about their image, fingernails, skin and so on, the chances of them going outdoors with you will be very slim. Chubby ladies, however, will be willing to get dirty and do fun things with you.

Final note

These are just a handful of reasons why you should consider dating a plus size woman. Believe me, there are many more. So, step out of your comfort zone and date a chubby woman for a change.