6 Perks of Dating a Chubby Guy

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Most women are only attracted to men that are fit, strong and have a perfect physic. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to muscular dudes. But there is more to a man that his looks and physic.

While muscular men are hot and sexy, they may not give you the love and attention you deserve. The reason for this is quite obvious. You see, muscular men usually receive loads of compliments from women. In fact, some women are willing to sleep with them, no strings attached. Since they are at the center of attraction most of the time, they tend to go with the flow and can’t really focus on one woman.

As you probably know, chubby guys aren’t super attractive physically but have some qualities and characteristics that may hold you spellbound.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some 6 perks of dating a chubby man.

Body heat

Do you know that chubby guys are literally hot most of the time? While this may be a pain in summer, it is great during the cold winter months. For a second, imagine having a personal human heat source to cuddle when it is cold.

Undulating confidence

Chubby men get a lot of ill remarks from strangers and people they know because of their physical appearance. They often have low self-esteem because of this. But when you compliment their size by telling them that you love their cuddly stomach, they usually appreciate it. You seeing the smile on a chubby guys face when you compliment him is definitely going to melt your heart. Additionally, an obese guy is likely going to become loyal to you and see you as the only woman in the world if you compliment him and see him as the man he is.

When people criticize your taste in men

People, in general, like to impose their likes, interest, taste, and opinion on others. When your friends see you with a chubby guy, they are likely going to advise you to break up with him and date a hot, sexy and muscular dude. Will you prefer dating an unemployed sexy man with a gambling addiction to a reliable and hardworking man with a few extra pounds? You are likely going to pick the chubby guy over the unemployed sexy man.

Although you may be criticized for this by your friends and loved ones, keep it in mind that you have done the right thing. Looks isn’t everything.

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How unfashionable he can be

Truth be told, it is difficult for a chubby guy to dress sharp and look stylish. It is common to see obese guys wearing ill-fitting or unfashionable clothes. The reason may be because they know little or nothing about how to dress well and self-care. That said, it is worth it to stick around to see if they can be helped.

He won’t judge you

A chubby guy isn’t going to judge when you order for an extra serving of your favorite dessert. You won’t have to pretend when you are with him; he is going to accept you for who you are.

He understands your need for regular meals

A chubby guy isn’t going to invite you to go drink with him on an empty stomach. He is surely going to have a lot of tasty snacks and food in his apartment at all times. There is also a lot a possibility that he may know how to cook.

Final note

Dating a chubby guy isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows, you may undergo a stormy situation every now and then. But after the storm is a beautiful rainbow. So, don’t ditch a man because he is fat and cubby. Rather, give him a chance to express his love for you.